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Maxwell's Mommy, Sharon
I absolutely loved the way my Maxwell would bark at my mom if she entered a room while I was laying down or sleeping. He'd bark and sometimes do a little run after her. It wasn't really in a mean way, if I was doing anything else but laying or sleeping he had no problem with her. He'd lay by her if I wasn't there and he'd always let her pet him and give him treats.  It was like he was saying "leave us alone, we're resting and don't want to be disturbed". Everytime he did it, which was pretty often, I loved it. He was protecting me. Which I always did for him as well, I wouldn't let anything hurt him. My mom had to bring a cracker or a small treat when she did have to enter the room I was laying down in. Than it was ok.  He was so amazing, so proud, so wonderful 
Maxwell's mommy, Sharon
Maxwell loved sitting on my lap. From the first day we found each other at the APL, when they brought him into the playroom to meet me off-leash, he walked over slowly, gave me a little sniff, and then plopped right down in my lap. I fell in love right there, forever.  Through the years, it stayed the same, as he gained the weight he needed to (he was extremely underweight when I adopted him) he reached 130 lbs. nothing changed. He'd plop himself right down in my lap if I was sitting on the floor. 
The night he got sick I went to the kitchen, as always he followed, but this time was different, he laid down on the floor. He never laid on the kitchen floor. I knew something was wrong so I sat down next to him. He got up and tried to sit in my lap. I could tell it wasn't comfortable for him, something was wrong, but he still tried so hard to sit there. He tried again the next morning right before I took him to the emergency vet. He came into the living room when I called him over to see if he would get up and he tried so hard again to just sit in my lap. I was so scared, I just wanted to grab him and lay with him and imagine everything was alright. I knew I couldn't though. I had to take him in. I think that's one of the hardest parts of being a mommy to an animal, you can't explain why you are doing the things you are doing. He just wanted to sit in my lap and lay with me. I had to take him in though to see what was wrong. God, I miss that. I'd give anything to have him sit in my lap again.  He was playing in the snow early the night before. 
Maxwell's mommy, Sharon
Maxwell loved underarm scratches. I loved it, it was so cute. He would try to get his paw as high up as he could so you could get his underarms. He liked scratches of all kinds but this, this was his favorite. I'd never seen anything like it with any other dog. I'd wake up and there he'd be next to me with his front paw high in the air.  Sometimes he'd rest his paw on your arm to settle in for a good long scratch. All the while he'd have this huge grin on his face, mouth open, smiling from ear to ear. I swear he looked like he had big, long dimples.
Sharon, Maxwell's mommy
Another of Maxwell's favourite hangouts. The woods behind Alta house. He loved to search for any little critter, squirrel, possum, etc his senses were as good as they get. One particular time, only a few months ago, we were taking our usual nightly walk and suddenly Maxwell jumped up and into the woods (there was about a foot and a half high stone at a certain point). I thought he just smelled something interesting and tried to get him down, it was way to dark to be in the woods. all of a sudden, he comes down and there is a possum in his mouth! I hadn't seen it, and believe me I was looking. Maxwell must have smelled where he was burrowing. I screamed and was frantic thinking what this animal could do to him. He's just shaking it, not anything else, just shaking it in his mouth. After a minute or so of begging him to let it go and shaking his leash to jostle him enough to free it, he let it go. I took him right home to make sure he was ok, he just laid on his bed and looked at me like "what?" I walked back to see if the little creature was ok, and it was gone. I looked up possums online and apparently they fake death as a defense mechanism. I was thankful that it was ok. I get home and Maxwell is calm, chewing on his bone. He was such a calm sweetheart, but he also had that hunter in him, deep within. he was just amazing. 
Squirrels, birds on the tree by our balcony, he loved to watch and chase. At the same time, he couldn't get enough of snuggling next to me for hours. (And hours)
Maxwell's mommy, Sharon
This was one of Maxwell's favourite spots. We live in a neighbourhood called Little Italy and this is at the neighbourhoods meeting place, the Alta House. Maxwell loved to step up on that stone and look out through that gap onto the main rd. He was always the watcher, the protector. He'd look out as I pet his head and back. I miss that so much
Maxwell's mommy, Sharon
I would always sing the first verse of "You are my sunshine" to Maxwell. He would always let me sing it right in his ear. I like to think it calmed him and made him feel just how much I loved Him. I sang it to him that Friday night that he was getting sick, over and over, right in my angels ear. Then, I sang it to him again, over and over the next night when I was losing him. Since losing Maxwell i feel the skies are grey, as grey as I have ever seen them. He lit up every part of my life.  I love him so much, and I know when I pass and we are together again, I'll be able to sing it to him for all eternity. 

"You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy, when skies are grey.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don't take my Maxwell away."

(I always changed the last part for him)  
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