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Maxwell's Wonderful Ways

 All the ways my Maxwell is amazing and no one could ever compare to him, and why he will always have my heart.  and all the reasons I love him more than life itself 

He was such a proud, strong dog*
The way he wanted so badly to be close to me on that horrible day. He just wanted to be next to me, he tried so hard just  to sit on my lap. Even though he was in pain he wanted me to lay on him like we always did. Him on the corner of the couch and me with my head on his back holding him.*
The way he still tried to protect me on that horrible day by barking at my mom when she entered the room. He always did that, as if to say, "Leave us alone"* 
The way he would sit in my lap*
The way he looked to me for protection,  I would always protect him*
The way he looked to me for safety, I would do anything to keep him safe*
The way when I would get him ready for a walk and if I had to run to the bathroom he'd stand by the door and bark a little or follow me around the house if I delayed our walk for something else*
We would lay together for hours all cozy with pillows and blankets *
When he'd run down the hallway with his head kind of down to be with me in the bathroom*
When he'd pass something he was unsure of and look at it a little nervously and suspiciously and then walk really quickly away from it or past it* When he'd go out a half cracked door but not come in one* When he'd lift his front paws for underarm scratches*
Our feet were the exact same size*
When he'd hear the cats and hop from left to right, barking*
When I moved his water and he'd only drink when standing on the carpet, he hated the sometimes slippery kitchen floor*
When he'd lay between my legs and rest his head on my stomach So I could rub and pet it*
When he'd run with his toys in his mouth, so proudly*
When he'd chase simba, my mom's cat and then attack his toy, like it was her*
When he'd only walk certain ways on each one of our walks, he was the leader*
When he looked for Penny, our neighbours dog. He'd go to her driveway and look up at the balcony*
When he stood so close to me to protect me*
When I'd sing You Are My Sunshine in his ear and he'd always let me*
When he welcomed me at the door every time I came home*
When he'd get so excited for his walk*
His sweaters and pyjamas*
When he'd eat and try to bark at the same time*
When he'd open the screen door downstairs with his nose*
When he knocked down the Christmas tree*
When he kept trying to still get behind the tree*
When he ran into corners when something scared him like fireworks*
When he'd let me lay right on top of him and hold him*
His furry snugly neck*
When he'd tap my leg with his paw so he could be on the couch with me*
When I'd get up temporarily from the couch and he'd quickly lay down in my spot and then look at me like "what?"*
When he'd come up and eat with me when I sat on the kitchen floor by the fridge, I have strange middle of the night eating habits*
When he knew to stand up in the bathroom when the toilet flushed*
When he tried to sneak to the litter and then act like "what, I wasn't going to do anything" and then come in the house with his head down (and litter on his nose sometimes)*
When he walked through piles of snow, and loved it*
He'd always know when you got a new outfit, it was so amazing. I'd put on a new pair of pants and he'd be smelling away*
Once in a while if I got home and took off my shoes he'd grab one at a time, smell them and then just lay with them. It's like he was hiding them so I couldn't leave again*
He loved all his toys, playing with them and sleeping with them, old and new*
The way he looked at me out of the corner of his eye whenever I got up to leave the room*
When he would bark and run after my mom if she tried to come near me when I was laying down or sleeping*
When he would bark at someone while we were walking and then at the same time walk fastly the other way*
When he would stand by the open porch door and just look outside and gaze, sometimes with his nose in the air just smelling away so sweetly*
When we would lay on the couch together and I would lay my head on his back end and cozy up, we would do that for hours*
When we would shnuggle on the floor*
When we would shnuggle up on the the floor together, and sleep there for hours together all cozy with pillows and blankets*
When he chased all the critters when we walked.Like the possums he got twice, the one by our neighbours front yard and the other he got up by Alta House..they got away thank goodness*
The way he would chase and bark at the squirrels when we walked at Mayfield Cemetery*
When he'd come in to get a bite when I was cooking, he'd just sit there patiently*
The way he'd get so jealous if I gave my mom's cat Simba a taste of that food. I had to make sure to give him just a little bit more*
The way he was so gentle when I would let him take food out of my mouth*
When once in awhile he would crawl on top of me when I was on the couch*
The way when you stopped petting him he would pick his head up, with his two front paws folded upward in the air and look at you like "where are you going"*
The way he loved when I'd sit on the floor and comb him*
The way he used to love baths when our tab was lower at our apts downtown, Perry Payne and crittendon. The bathtub at the house now is too high*
The way he got so excited when I took out his leash*
The way he would just half get up and turn his head expecting his next busy bone,when I was on the floor with him and they were next to me.  he knew he'd get 4*
The way when he laid with me and he was at the end of the couch and I would wrap my legs and feet around him and he didn't mind at all*
His wide smile*
His apple bottom cheeks*
His loving eyes*
The way he looked at me with so much love*
The way he would lay his head across my lap and place his paw on my leg*
When he would stand at the end of the hallway when he didn't necessarily want to come in the bathroom and he would just watch me to know I was there*
The little spot at the tail end of his back that was kind of deep and he loved that scratched*
The way he would lay as close as he could next to me on the floor by the couch when I was on the couch so I could hold him and pet him as I laid there*
The way he knew how I had to get his outfits on, and he let me every time. Even the pajamas with legs.*
The way I felt when I was with him safe, calm, comforted and loved*
When he would stand up on the railroad tie at the Alta House and look out on Mayfield Rd and little Italy*
When we stayed in the attic and we would play with his toys*
When he'd stand in the dark in the room by the porch door and look at me, thinking I saw him and knew he wanted to go out*
The way he would eat grass sometimes and just tear at a whole bunch right at once and then chew really loudly*
They way he made that cute slopping sound when drinking his water*
The way that little piece of drool would hang from his mouth when we walked sometimes*
The way he knew when I said "ickers" that he needed to get away from whatever he was sniffing or checking out*
The way he would lightly dig through the shopping bags when I got home looking for his treats*
The way when I gave him his first treat and he would hold his head high and walk to his bed all happy. That never got old*
The way he snores so loudly*
The way when he dreamt his little paws would move and sometimes his body would bounce and wiggle and move around*
The way when sometimes he had a little trouble getting off the couch I would head to the back to lift it up and he would get right down*
The way when I did the dishes he would come in and sit or lay down next to me so close*
The way when I sat at the kitchen table and he would walk into the kitchen so carefully, to sit next to me*
The way he'd jump on the balcony to look over and bark*
The way he smelled*
How warm and soft he was*
The way he'd go to smell mine or my moms breaths and he'd take a quick sniff and then turn away quickly, like "ugh"*
The really loud slopping noises he made when he licked himself, weird, but so funny*
The way he hated the heat like me*
The way he loved the cold like me*
The way he became a night owl with me*
When we had our bed in the attic temporarily  and how we could snuggle under the covers together like our little fort*
His sight and his ears and his sense of smell were so amazing*
The way when I or my mom threw one of his toys for him to fetch, if it landed by a large object he would look at the object and grab his toy really quickly and run away*
The way he would be leery of anything hanging from the ceiling or on the door if he had to go past it   He would look at it and either not pass it or run quickly past it*
When he'd lay half off the couch sleeping*
When I'd hoist him fully back on the couch when he'd be hanging off sleeping*
The way he loved the grass in front of the large house on Murray hill, the one with the Mary statue and large front yard*
The way he like to be in small bushes or leaves to go to the bathroom*
The way he protected me when we walked everywhere*
The way we would walk and he'd be mine and my mom's protector to the health line when I lived at Perry Payne*
The way he loved to run in the woods behind our house*
The way he would bark at the sound of doorbells on the television*
The way he walked through those mounds of snow*
The way he loved the snow*
The way on our last walk he was walking through snow up to his chest*
The way we had our routine when I got home from work* 
The way he loved me unconditionally, as I did him and that love will span eternity 
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